Repair MySQL database

So you have a MySQL database that needs repair. The steps to follow are: For CENTOS Log in with ssh to your server and stop the MySQL server #service mysqld stop Backup all the files from all the databases to… Read More ›

Windows 10 vs Privacy

Windows 10 has allergies when it comes to privacy. Check and get informed. In the downloads section check out Dont use Windows 10 . Download this tool and block (after you take a moment to realise how much data… Read More ›

MySQL basic commands

This is basically a quick set of commands for those who don’t use MySQL often. commands are in bold #log in to the the terminal type mysql -u root;  #set a new password UPDATE user SET Password =PASSWORD(‘mypassword’) WHERE… Read More ›

Give Away of The day

Every day this site has a FREE software package available for download. Its usually some software that normally you buy for a small fee but on that day it is given for free. Its worth checking out every day to… Read More ›