Repair MySQL database

So you have a MySQL database that needs repair. The steps to follow are: For CENTOS Log in with ssh to your server and stop the MySQL server #service mysqld stop Backup all the files from all the databases to… Read More ›

MySQL basic commands

This is basically a quick set of commands for those who don’t use MySQL often. commands are in bold #log in to the the terminal type mysql -u root;  #set a new password UPDATE user SET Password =PASSWORD(‘mypassword’) WHERE… Read More ›

Computer books

I have no idea where this server is but it someone has put a lot of books for various systems and computer languages. I wont link this to my blog but you can see for yourselves if its ok to… Read More ›

Philosophy library

Stanford has created a library of philosophy. Feel free to browse for books and theories in it. In the land where philosophy was born proudness for their ancestor’s work overcomes the need to create anything else. Job well done.. Lets… Read More ›