Linux basic maintenance commands (Debian-based systems)


For those who don’t use the commands often this is a super quick reminder/reference. For Debian-based Systems only.

We will assume you need to install the ‘Stellarium’ Application. 

To install type at the terminal. (commands in bold)

apt-get install Stellarium

If the application is not available in a repository and you have a .deb file, download the file and run the following command (where MyFileName you put the .deb file name you downloaded)

dpkg -i MyFileName.deb

To update software and versions on your system

apt-get update

That will update the list. To install the updates type:

apt-get upgrade

If you need to see what will be updated add the -u

apt-get upgrade -u

If you dont want a package anymore (stellarium is the example application to be removed). This will not remove configuration files or any extra packages.

apt-get remove stellarium 

To remove the package completely including all configuration files

apt-get purge stellarium

To recover some space after installing / uninstalling and clean your system

apt-get autoclean

To remove the local cache

apt-get clean

To remove dependancies that are not needed anymore

apt-get autoremove



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