Sync folders on Mac OSX


While trying to sync folders on Mac OSX I stumbled on this utility. Its available for free by its creator here . It allows you even to run a simulation before actually running it, in order to see which files change/get deleted etc.

For those who are familiar with the terminal there is another solution. rsync is a *nix (unix/linux) command that has been around since … well since 1996. (

Open a terminal, and type

rsync -v -r A B

where A is your source directory and B your target directory.


> rsync -v -r /User/Smith/Files  /User/John/SmithFiles

and the Files folder under Smith will be copied under John in the folder SmithFiles.

The -v means verbose. 

IF you need more details check this site here.. someone went through the trouble to document it better than me.


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