Hyper-V Windows 10 host Server 2012 R2


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Need to run a server from Windows 10?  Getting a certification?  Learning Windows Server?  You can easily host a virtual machine using Hyper-V.  (You can use Hyper-V to experiment with Linux or other operating systems)

Getting Started

Navigate to the Control Panel.  Click on Programs and Features.  Click on Turn Windows Features on and off.   Select Hyper-V.  Allow Windows to install the feature and reboot.

Start the Hyper-V Manager.  After starting the Hyper-V App, select the Virtual Switch Manager.

2 Hyper-v manager


2a Hyper-v Manager

Want to know more about a Virtual Switch?


“The capabilities provided in the Hyper-V Virtual Switch mean that organizations have more options for enforcing tenant isolation, shaping and controlling network traffic, and employing protective measures against malicious virtual machines”

2b Hyper-V Switch Manager

Name your Virtual Switch.  Select External Network so that it will be on the same network as your host computer.  Select the network card.

2c Hyper-V Switch Manager b

Next, right click on your computer name in the manager and create a New instance for a virtual operating system.  The New Virtual Machine Wizard will guide you through creating your computer.

3 New Machine

In this case, we have redirected (below) where our Virtual Machine will be stored.

4 Where to Store5 Generation

Give your computer adequate resources such as memory and hard drive space without robbing your host.  In the case below, we assign 2Gb of RAM from an 8GB computer.

6 Memory

Select the virtual switch that you created.

7 Switch

Create a virtual hard disk.  Because this is a computer that will be used for SQL and testing of SQL, we only assign 40 GB of space.

8 Configuration

During this installation, we are also using an ISO of Server 2008 R2 and will install after finishing the wizard.

9 OS

10 Ready for install

Once you finish the wizard, you will see your Virtual Machine (pre-installation).  When you are ready to start the installation, click on Start and then Connect.

11 overview12 Starting

The VM will start and installation will begin.  Installation will be a simple step through procedure.

13 Installing Server14 SELECT15 Custom16 Installing17 Booting18 Settings

Once you login to the computer, the Server Manager will initialize.

19 After Login in Server Manager

Click on Add roles and features.   As a minimum, install Desktop Experience to add desktop icons and .Net 3.5.

20 Dashboard

You can use the alternate Manage or Tools to add roles and features or access common items such as the control panel.

21 Features22 Features Install

23 Which One

Selecting your features.

24 Desktop Experience

If you get an error, click on the menu and select Media and mount the ISO into the virtual DVD.

25 Media

26 Installing features

Click on Close and Reboot.


Note:   If you use a virtual machine, monitor resources of the host and guest and always make sure that adequate cooling especially for laptops.  Also if you want to disable Secure IE, Open the manager and click on the server icon.  Click on IE Enhanced Security Configuration and disable.


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