Month: April 2016

Hyper-V Windows 10 host Server 2012 R2

Taken from Please  Need to run a server from Windows 10?  Getting a certification?  Learning Windows Server?  You can easily host a virtual machine using Hyper-V.  (You can use Hyper-V to experiment with Linux or other operating systems) Getting Started Navigate to… Read More ›

Apple’s Swift cheatsheet

All credit goes to this awesome site . Check it out if you are into ios, mac osx, swift programming and bookmark it RW-Swift-Cheatsheet-0_6.pdf

Retro: Macintosh Emulator for

Dont you miss sometimes the old times? Lets go retro one more time on this. This is an old mac emulator. I downloaded the basic file from and then i found a couple disk images on the internet. It runs on… Read More ›